160 Light Tubes Create a Giant A/V Experience

tetro+adesignboom01looking into the depths of ‘160’

Celebrating 50 years of independence, the second annual river nights festival — located in three quays along the singapore river — was dedicated to the continuation of franco-singaporean diplomacy. in honor of the special occasion, the event selected various french artists to realize works. at the behest of the asian civilisations museum, arts and culture production studio tetro+a was invited to participate, whom produced and presented a multi-sensory installation by pierre et joël rodière of trafik.

video courtesy of tetro

tetro+a 160 installation trafik river nights festival singapore160 light bars cover a 60-meter span, its movements guided from a tablet at one end

tetro+adesignboom02visitors interact with the space

tetro+a 160 installation trafik river nights festival singaporeilluminated frames along the singapore river

video courtesy of tetro

Source: designboom.com