Felix Martin’s unique way of playing guitar

Felix Martin is a Venezuelan guitarist known for his abilities to perform with two guitars simultaneously and his abilities to compose highly complex music, featuring a wide variety of styles mixed together.

He has taken metal jazz fusion to a completely different level with the use of his self-invented instrument – a 14 string left handed guitar. The guitar, which features two 7 string guitars on one wide neck, allows for a two handed tapping technique that allows that guitar to be played as two separate 7 string guitars. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, MARTIN writes and performs an eclectic, exhilarating hybrid of instrumental prog metal and jazz fusion.

Felix has toured over 17 countries throughout his career, performing with his trio and doing clinics to teach his self-invented techniques. Nowadays, he resides in Los Angeles, USA.

From: bandasonoraonline.com