How to become a Voice Actor

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Voice actors provide the voice for animated films and television shows, narrate documentaries, and do voice-overs in television and radio commercials. If you love acting and have a unique voice, then this might be the right career for you! Read this article to learn where to get started.


  1. Develop your acting talent.Though voice actors never appear on the screen, they must be extremely talented actors in order to effectively deliver their lines. Remember that in some ways, voice acting is more difficult than other types of acting because you don’t have other actors to work off of, and you can’t use facial expressions, hand gestures, or props to aid in your delivery.

    • Take acting classes or find an acting coach. If you are still in school, enroll in the theater program and audition for any plays or one-acts that are being produced.
    • Take voice lessons. Having regular voice lessons (at least once a week) will help you expand your vocal range, and teach you how to better control the volume and sound of your voice.
    • Imitate the voices of famous actors or fictional characters. Learning to imitate a sound can help you build flexibility, recognize pitch and tone, and give you good material to include on your demo reel. Try out these famous voices for starters:
      • Arnold Schwarzenegger
      • Bill Cosby
      • Tony the Tiger
      • Roger Rabbit
      • Christopher Walken.
      • Don LaFontaine
    • Record your own voice. Try reciting monologues or reading from a script and recording it. Play it back to yourself to hear what you sound like, and make personal notes for improvement.
    • Practice reading things out loud. Being able to read aloud effectively is essential for voice acting, especially if your job requires you to read from a teleprompter or script. Read books, magazines, or news articles out loud on a regular basis to get more comfortable with it.
  2. Create a demo reel.This is a voice actor’s way of showcasing his or her talents when looking for work. Most of the people who hire you won’t care what you look like, so it is important to have a quality demo reel to represent you.

    • Remember that you only have a short period of time to catch a potential employer’s interest. Be sure that your best material is included in the first 30 seconds of your demo reel.
    • Your demo reel can be comprised of original work or imitations of characters/scripts that already exist.
  3. Find a talent agent.Just like any other kind of actor, a voice actor must be represented by an agent in order to be booked.Your agent will notify you of casting calls in the area and help match you with the right jobs.

    • Send your demo reel and resume to talent agents in your area. Choose one that you trust and feel comfortable with.
    • Find an agent that specializes in voice acting. Decide whether you want to work in television, films, or radio, and find an agent that specializes in that industry.
  4. Choose the right location.If you are seriously pursuing voice acting as a career, you should live in a city with a large voice acting industry. The following are the top cities in the US for voice acting:

    • Los Angeles
    • New York
    • Dallas
    • San Francisco


The artist in this video can assist you and even teach you a few tricks on training and perfecting your voice. Keep going and don’t give up!


  • Be sure to work out an agreement for pay with your talent agent. Certain agents/agencies take a higher commission than others.
  • Be sure to practice!
  • Keep your voice healthy by staying properly hydrated and not smoking.
  • The competition for voice acting is fierce. You must have a unique voice and be an extremely talented actor in order to pursue this as a career.
  • If you start early (example: as a kid) then you are more likely to get a job in that field.