How To Sync Audio To Video – Separate Tracks


A Common Scenario: Home-Recording a Music Performance Video

So, you’ve practiced playing some music, which might be original, or it might be a cover, and now you want to record a video of yourself playing it and you want to put your video onto YouTube.

At this point you discover a problem that many others before you have discovered:

  • Your home video camera records good quality video, which is good enough to make a video which is going to be uploaded to YouTube. (Here, a “video camera” might be an actual camcorder, or a digital photo camera, or just your mobile phone.)
  • Your home video camera has a microphone, but the recording sound quality is not good enough. Also, it’s mono-only (no stereo).
  • You can easily record quality audio into your home computer. This is full quality stereo sound, recorded via a line-in or microphone input on the computer’s sound card.
  • But, and here’s the problem we need to solve, there is no way to easily and automatically sync the two recordings.

Here is a video that will show you how you can match your audio to your video if you record them separately.

Source:, youtube