Services offer you the following services:

Music production tailored to your specific project needs, to make it unique, different from other published projects.
Find in the creative team that will maximize your project, because, as a network of highly experienced music producers, we will always find the creative clue and human talent for your project to achieve the expected success.
We create original music in line with the concept, content, aesthetics and rhythmic editing of your project. The end result of this process is consistency in the music, which induces in the viewer the desire to see and hear.


Dialogue editing and production, dubbing, sound effects, Foley, voiceover, audio forensic, sweetening, sonorous planes, sound perspectives and special sounds design.
We have the latest technology in audio post-production. We also have one the largest sound effects libraries available on the market, the result of 20 years of uninterrupted work, collecting sounds of all kinds from all over the world, organized in a relational database, centralized in our studios for a greater creative flow in our productions.

M & E, ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE AND SPANISH DUBBING. offers you its M & E service, which will allow you to enhance the scope and profitability of your audiovisual project (dubbing into Spanish, Portuguese or English and/or reconstruction of a soundtrack to dub – M & E), complying with all standards of these formats.
Preparing your project with these formats will allow you to distribute your audiovisual products in the Spanish or English speaking market and / or other countries where people speak a language other than the native language of your project, thus increasing the potential market and profitability of your investment.

Adapt the physical characteristics of your project’s soundtrack to ensure that its performance in the chosen publication media is of optimum quality.
Avoid problems such as dialogues and voiceovers that are not understood; very high or low music volume; too high, low or unstable general volume; noise; saturation, or the fact that the content can be heard very well only under certain conditions.
Ensure with that any investment in your project makes sense, reaching your audience with optimum quality.


For movie or DVD projects and multimedia events, we offer Dolby Digital mix.
Dolby Digital mixes produced by team are designed and implemented on the soundtrack (both music and effects track mixed in Dolby), allowing you to exploit the full expressive and creative potential of this audio format in your project.

The elements that contribute to your project’s soundtrack quality should be taken into account from the beginning of the production process.
We put at your service the vast experience of our team, to identify the elements and variables that you should take into account in your specific production plan of your audiovisual project, to ensure the optimal soundtrack quality of your end product.
In addition, once you begin implementing your project, you can count on us to help you solve problems related to the production stage of the soundtrack.


With our Soundtrack Direction service, you can get the dialogues, voice over, music and effects of your audiovisual product behave as a whole, in close harmony with the concept, script, and image editing.
The aim is to achieve the best result with the proper management of all the elements that form the soundtrack, where it behaves as a unit and its components give way to each other by keeping the concentration of the viewer to the appropriate item for each moment during the project.

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